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Valentines day lovebugs

I don't go in for massive showy gifts for Valentines day, it used to be a handmade card and some flowers, but nowadays I generally don't even get time to make anything!
But I had a little idea pop into my head this year and so I went with it and created a Lovebug in a entomology style, I loved it so much that I just had to do a second – the well-known Horny Lovebug!
I came up with some latin names to accompany them - Scarabaeidae Amare and Dynastini Eupatorus Lubido and tried to encapsulate the appropriate feel for how each beetle's attributes would create it's appearance.
Here's the Horny Lovebug and some more detail shots of both:

Horny Lovebug
Lovebug detail
Horny Lovebug detail
Lovebug close up
Horny Lovebug close up

Embarrassing Bodies gut war map

Embarrassing Bodies Map
This was an immense piece I did for Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies television show. It was to be an oversized map of the human body with details of the regions of the digestive system marked out like countries on a war-room map from the Second World War. It was printed larger than life-size and laid out for little 'bacteria-armies' to be pushed around like troop movements by Dr Pixie and Dr Christian. It's the second time I've done illustration work for the telly and it's always very exciting to think that my work could be seen by millions of people that watch such a popular TV show.

Here are some details:

embarrassing bodies torso detail
embarrassing bodies head detail
embarrassing bodies gut detail
embarrassing bodies map serial detail


J'adore les vecteurs

J'adore – what's not to love, limited edition silkscreen print, pink colourway.

Melting Heart

melting heart

This was an illustration for a music event, very straight brief, girl holding a melting oversized heart(not gory please).