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Her Master’s Voice

Her Master's Voice

An image originally for a music event, but now available as a high quality limited edition giclee print.



Audiobrain will soon to be available as a limited edition screen print keep your eyes peeled for updates.

audiobrain detail
audiobrain detail2


J'adore les vecteurs

J'adore – what's not to love, limited edition silkscreen print, pink colourway.

Legs eleven

Legs eleven

James bond-inspired, bingo-themed illustration – legs eleven!

Melting Heart

melting heart

This was an illustration for a music event, very straight brief, girl holding a melting oversized heart(not gory please).

basketball shot clock

shot clock

The seconds tick away, the basketball game is almost over and there's only a point in it, the fake, the turn, the release, the shot clock buzzes, the flight, the swoosh!

Typographic illustration

typographic illustration

This is a set of typographic illustrations I did for a Jennifer Overhaus over at Provech Ziel, they help to empower lawyers carve out successful careers, with workshops, programs and Jennifer's book Juggling the Big 3. So it was really about representing the terms used and tying the overall look into the branding of the website.

Here are the others in the set.

typographic illustration typographic illustration

Hopes and fears

hopes and fears

An illustration to accompany a piece about your hopes and fears and the challenges you face to achieve your goals.

November Vendetta

November Vendetta

Illustration for club night Dirty Bingo's November 5th event inspired by V for Vendetta, Guy Faulkes, and all things bonfirey!



American city street late at night, and some disturbance sets off a car alarm, a nice opportunity to play with some nice lighting effects.