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Her Master’s Voice

Her Master's Voice

An image originally for a music event, but now available as a high quality limited edition giclee print.

Wedding invitation

wedding invitation

Okay so I don't normally put personal jobs up here, but I love VW's and I love that these guys gave me pretty much free reign on how this was going to look.

Not sure what else I need to say, VW camper, Camden inspired(ceremony, reception and home) portraits of the bride, groom and little one – cool.

wedding invitation detail
wedding invitation close up

London Grammar – Strong

London Grammar – Strong

Following up from my LeBron James promo piece, here's my next installment, a London Grammar image for the amazingly haunting single Strong by the British trip hop three piece. See the video (while it's still up there) on their website here. I've tried to reflect the feel of the video with the style and colours and the composition hopefully pulls you in like the story itself. Hope you like it ...

London Grammar close up
London Grammar extreme close up